ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS will release their second full-length album “Apocrypha” via Dissonance Productions

In Truth, the making of Apocrypha has been a decade long journey of writing and recording, from California, Pennsylvania, New York and Wales. In 2018 the band decided to utilize the crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic to jumpstart the project. After a very successful campaign, raising 124% of their goal, PledgeMusic went into administration, eventually declaring bankruptcy! and in turn, would never release any of the funds dedicated to Ascension of the Watchers. Nevertheless, Ascension of the Watchers persevered to complete the album.

After ten years of writing and recording, along with reflection on the very personal nature of this project, Ascension of The Watchers will renew its journey in 2020!

With the culmination of the long-awaited release – Apocrypha.

With plans of conceptualized touring, Ascension of the Watchers continues to grow as Bell’s main creative endeavour, well into the future.